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2nd EAI International Conference on IoT Technologies for HealthCare

October 26–27, 2015 | Rome, Italy


The HealthyIoT 2015 Conference caters for a limited number of workshops on dedicated session topics.
The aim of these workshops is to discuss work in progress and explore opportunities for new research related to a topic of interest within the context of the conference.

Proposals will be evaluated regarding relevance and anticipated interest, and should include Workshop title, presenter information, abstract, and intended audience.

The list of covered topics is, without being limited to, as follows:

You are invited to submit high-quality papers in the following topics (but not limited to):

  • Wearable sensor systems
  • Emerging eHealth IoT Applications
  • Network communications for health sensor data
  • QuantifiedSelf Devices & Technologies
  • Processing of QuantifiedSelf Data
  • Cloud Technologies for Healthcare
  • Smart Homes and Smart Caring Environments
  • Telemedicine applications
  • The Smartphone as a HealthyThing
  • Wellness and Health Management applications
  • Data mining of health data on the Cloud
  • Medical and sensor data stream processing
  • Security and Privacy in eHealth and IoT
  • Interoperability and Standardisation Issues in IoT and Healthcare

A workshop proposal should contain:

  • Title of the workshop
  • A brief description of the specific technical issues that the workshop will address
  • The reasons why the workshop is interesting and timely
  • A draft call for papers, including the workshop submission deadlines
  • Tentative composition of the organizing and program committees

Presentations delivered during the workshops are based on papers that have been selected through peer- review process. Accepted workshop papers are included in the Conference Proceedings. Best workshop paper publications may be included in various Transactions or other journals.

Proposals for workshops should be at most four pages in length and must be submitted by electronic mail to: